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Bid/Build Contracts

Burlington Federal Building Initial Space Alterations


Location: Burlington, VT


Range: $5M - $10M


Length/Term: 2 Years


Project Description:  First and second floor renovations included 14,000 SF of new office and postal space.  Construction of new courtroom and ancillary space included substantial custom millwork, HVAC and electrical upgrades. 

Swanton Roof and Upgrades and Winston Prouty Roof Replacement


Location: Swanton and Winston Prouty, VT


Range: $1M - $2M


Length/Term: 5 Months


Project Description: Replace roofs at Swanton Border Protection Sector Headquarters and Winston Prouty Federal Building . Replace carpet, paint, replacement of the security gate.

Derby LPOE.png

Replacement Generator


Location: Derby Line Land Port of Entry, VT


Range: $100K - $250K


Length/Term: 4 Months


Project Description: Remove and replace the existing generator and all components. 

2nd Floor Asbestos Abatement


Location: Muskie Federal Building, Augusta, ME


Range: $500K - $1M


Length/Term: 5 Months


Project Description: Asbestos abatement on the second floor of the E.S. Muskie Federal Building.

Muskie Federal Building.jpg
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