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Design/Build Contracts

HVAC Improvements, OR/SPD Areas


Location: VA Medical Center Manchester, NH


Range: $2.5M - $5M


Length/Term: 3 Years 6 Months


Project Description: Design and installation of HVAC upgrades, renovation of surgical suite and SPD, demolition of mechanical room in fully functioning medical center.

Improve Architectural Features


Location: Viera Outpatient Clinic, FL


Range: $500K - $1M


Length/Term: 6 Months


Project Description: Improve the pharmacy area  and upgrade the existing roofing system.

Waterproofing and Repair Buildings 1, 2, 30, 32, and 38


Location: VA Medical Center, Tampa, FL


Range: $1M - $5M


Length/Term: 2 Years 3 Months


Project Description: Two-Phase DB for site investigation, survey and identification of all water infiltration areas.  Design plan to prevent future water infiltration and execute. 


Repair Exterior Walls and Hurricane Preparedness


Location: VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL


Range: $5M - $10M


Length/Term: 1 Year 10 Months


Project Description: Evaluate rooftop protections and storm pipes, remove and replace panels and anchorages, and install new rooftop protections where none previously existed.

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